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Thread: Age of Symphony Pump

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    Hi -- I just rented a Symphony pump from a lactation consultant in my area. I am having some low supply issues and need to nurse and pump frequently to build my supply. I noticed that the date on the pump is "November 2003" -- handwritten on there -- I assume it's the date the LC got the pump. That seems awfully old for a pump -- should I be concerned?

    I haven't had much time to pump with it yet -- was previously using my personal Medela pump in style (bought in '06). I should expect to have better results with the Symphony, right? Even with it being 7 yrs. old?

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    Hospital grade pumps have a much longer life than commercially available pumps do. A commercially available pump has a smaller less powerful motor, and is generally only warrantied for one year, whereas a hospital grade pump has a larger and stronger motor, and many are meant to be used for 7-10 years. Hope that helps.
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