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Thread: baby led....in detail??

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    Thanks for these pictures, ftm! So fun to see the baby-led approach in action...and what an adorable LO! His hair is too cute!

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    We initially started with a not-so-baby-led approach, but as soon as we found out about it have really switched (with a few little personal adaptations). For the most part, when we started, we gave Haylee biscuits to chew on...homemade overcooked graham cracker sticks, that my sil made for her. And we gave her pureed food on a spoon. We found out right away she wasn't ready for the spoon, but she loved chewing on those sticks herself. So, we just let her, and I continued to offer her bites of stuff here and there, and lots of foods for her to manipulate as she liked. She acted like she wanted it. We still give her bites of stuff on a spoon, usually off of our plates. But at the sitters, mostly becuase I have been having trouble keeping up with her appetite pumping, I send homemade, chopped (not pureed) food...cooked apples/bananas/mangoes/potatoes/peas/carrots/corn/whatever we ate the night before kinda thing. She loves it...she gets some on a tray in front of her to "feed herself" and then the sitter feeds her some with a spoon...but only as much as she is actually interested in. Never encouraged!

    As for great foods (and I am not sure on allergies anymore, so for that info, check out www.askdrsears.com), she loved large chunks of watermelon, honeydew melon, avacado, ripe banana, apple, peeled grapes cut in half, cooked peas, cooked potatoes, well-cooked carrots. She loves pretty much anything. I just really trusted her to let me know what she could and couldn't handle...and I never pushed it. She would gag if she didn't want something, because of flavor, texture, or whatever. Sometimes, she would dig it out of her mouth...once she even threw up . I mean...she put it in her mouth, decided it wasn't good, stuck her finger down her throat and threw it up! She wasn't choking...but don't get me wrong, it scared me, at first. Now, I have gotten used to her little "method" but I never leave her alone with food. I do, however, totally trust her to push it out of her mouth. I think babies choke on food because theri mommies push it on them. Or they are doing something in addition to eating and not paying attention to swallowing/pushing it around and then they suck in air and down goes the food into the trachea. Or they choke on non-food items.

    My biggest recommendation is to watch closely. And don't push! Just let it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blessedbee View Post
    cool! i cant wait to hear what you guys have to say! i asked the dr today about it at austins 6 month checkup....she highly recomm ended that if i were to try it to first take an infant cpr course......

    i have dad convinced that he shouldnt start eating today just because its his 6 month birthday.....mostly because he got his shots today .....and id rather start at breakfast than at dinner in case of a reaction.... so the 'deadline' has been pushed up and hopefully ill get some more ammo from you all!
    This makes me mad! I took and infant CPR class befroe DJ was born because I was scared to death he was going to choke on something and nothing scares me more than the idea of something happening to my baby that I can fix.
    But I feel like she basically told you you need to worry about your baby choking if you try this approach and that simpy isn't true. The sucking down happens from spoon feeding. If you make sure the piecea are small enough it won't be a hazard. You'll understand more about this whole issue of baby defense mechinisms when your child starts to crawl. They'll have this suspicious "chipmunk look" which means they have something in there mouth that they found. I've found a ton of things in his mouth that I thought..."Wow! that could have killed him" but none of it does because he doesn't swallow it. The 1st time he woke up from a nap and STILL had a wadded up clothing tag in his mouth I relaxed. THat mean he crawled around , found it, chewed it up and then NURSED TO SLEEP, actually took a nap w/ it in his mouth and when he woke up it was still in there. I thingk taking a baby CPR class is a great idea for your piece of mind. But please, don't take it just so you can start to feed your babies solids. What would your baby eat if we lived on an island? Or our in the rainforest? People still do and their kids live!

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    One of DS's favorities is little pieces of cooked broccoli. They were one of the first things he could pick up on his own (in small pieces) b/c they aren't slippery.

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    Default Re: baby led....in detail??

    We started with a little cereal and breastmilk, to see what her swallowing pattern was like. She did great, no tongue thrusting at all, so we knew she was ready to eat things.

    We give cereal on occasion (she likes it and I bought some real oats at the whole foods store and ground them up and cooked those) and we have done the cooked, diced pieces of food with great success. We just steamed them til they were soft and froze them in ice trays, "plopping" them into plastic lidded containers and using the portions one at a time as we need them. She's had sweet potato, yellow squash and apple this way. She's also had bananas and avocado, just cut up into pea sized bites and offered to her, either on a spoon or by hand--we hold a piece to her mouth and she leans forward and takes it in her mouth.

    She seems to be the opposite of a lot of babies in that she PREFERS things on a spoon. She does NOT like to touch food and put it in her mouth--she "yells" at me if I try and put something in her hand, or direct her hand to the food. But she will grab the spoon and help us to feed her with it. And she is bouncing up and down in her chair making whiny-excited noises when she sees her bowl and spoon in our hand.

    She has had no problem with the food not being pureed. We are going to try watermelon next (heard it's high in iron) and green beans after that.

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    My baby-led experiance has been a long one. My daughter is now over a year old and just starting on solids, she's been exclusivly breastfed up until now. We tried starting her at 4 months old with rice cereal (home made) as per doctors request, she screamed and threw such a fit, we stopped, she never ate any. We tried offering at 6 months of age, same thing. She did not ever act interested in foods, so I quit trying to make her (which I only actually tried to make her a couple of times). If she watched me eat, I would offer to her and she would refuse and scream at me. At her birthday party, she actually put her hand in her icing on her smash cake and ate some of the icing, not a lot, but some did get into her mouth. A few days later, I pureeded a avacado with my breastmilk and she ate 2 baby spoons of it, well most was on her face, but it went into her mouth willing. She has done this for 2 days strait!!! I am so glad I decided to wait till she was actually ready than forcing her at such a young, tender age.

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    I can't wait too! I need more info to convince my dh and because my lo will be 6months during Christmas I'm sure the whole family will give me a hard time thinking I'm crazy.
    I need more info to convince the world that I'm not doing purees!!

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