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This sounds like EXACTLY what I went through for 4 months:

Docs were clueless. Turned out to be FUNGAL (thrush) . Nystatin didn't work for me at all and the antibiotic in my APNO caused it to be ineffective. I finally cleared it up with vineger rinse, grapefruit seed extract, probiotics, topical antifungal (I used clotrimazole, but I think others would work too...zinc oxide dries things out, though....and wipe it off before pumping ) and my favorite diet. I also avoided all antibiotics like the plague and sterilized everything. I had to keep up with the treatments for several weeks after symptoms were gone. HTH.

The engorgement sounds miserable. I was never able to get a flange that fit me...too goofy I guess. If I pumped on my hands and knees, or bending way over I had better luck emptying my breasts. Also, agree with the moist heat and massage.

This does sound like me. I am ticked, though because I literally can't get anyone to help. When I asked my PCP, he blew me off. This is the same doctor who was renewing my blood pressure prescription post-pregnancy and when I told him I was BF, he threw the pen. Jerk. My OB/Gyn looked at my breasts, told me that they looked fine and that for the burning sensation, I should just use ice packs to keep them comfortable. The crappy Ped didn't have a LC in their office at all and now the new ped doesn't have one. I'm truly at a loss. Other than going to an urgent care center . . . .

Today was a weird experience, but something that has happened around here before. Got up this morning, was NOT engorged. Started pumping, had no problems. Milk was coming out just fine. Then all of a sudden, I guess I had letdown or something. Breasts got rock hard and milk wouldn't come out. I was doing my massages and compressions, felt no abnormalities whatsoever. I was on and off the pump after that because I didn't want to rub myself raw from the pumping and massaging, plus DD needed me. I was on and off the pump for an hour and managed to get 13.5 oz.

I can't imagine my diet needing to be changed any further. I'm already on an allergy-friendly diet, which also cuts out most sugars, carbs, etc. I do have probiotics, but every time I've attempted them (they are allergy friendly), I wind up very ill from them.

What I'm doing today is this:

*Vinegar Rinse and GSE like crazy. I already feel like I'm a pickle.
*Double sterilizing all pump parts.
*Washing anything and everything that has come into contact with my breasts with the hottest water we have and vinegar
*I'll go out later and get clomitrazole as soon as the boys wake up and are settled

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Lori, do you think not working out for a while, then getting back into the swing of things could have anything to do with what's going on? Could your sports bra be the culprit of any reddness or sensitivity?

Just brainstorming.....
That's a thought . . . . . I took two weeks off from working out , but didn't start back up until late yesterday evening --- after I had posted all of these messages. I don't think that my sports bra is necessarily the culprit. Could be a contributing factor, though. I had the redness before I bought the sports bra. I have noticed that I feel irritated after wearing anything that is NOT 100% cotton. Right now, I'm bra-free to give myself a bit of a break. Hope I don't poke an eye out! HAHAHAHA