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Thread: Desparate to return to breastmilk only diet for DS

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    Default Desparate to return to breastmilk only diet for DS

    Hi- Im a young first time mom and ever since i was pregnant nursing has been a huge commitment of mine. I stuck through sore nipples in the beginning...only to have him go 24 hrs without peeing. my Ped. told me to suppliment with some formula and he finally started having wet diapers. Then when my milk came in my very large breasts were so swollen and huge that my LO could not latch on even latch. I went out and got an evenflow pump. Even after pumping it took me almost 48 hours to get him on the breast and off of pumped milk. Took him to his 2 wk visit with the ped and he had only gained 2 oz in 8 days! I had to start pumping a 1 oz chaser bottle for him after each nursing so he wouldnt have to have formula. My evenflow pump died so I had to get a PISA at the hospital. He survived well on that until I had to go back to work when he was 4 wks. Then my mom had to suppliment with little bits of formula during days when I worked long shifts and she thought she was going to run out of milk. Now...at almost 7 wks we are having to mix every bottle with half EBM and a few oz formula. It feels like he has been going through a growth spurt for over a week now! Today he has been eating a 4 oz bottle every HOUR! He will scream and cry and i just dont know what to do! Im trying to pump every 2 hours to boost my supply because he will not stay latched for long and Im worries something about his eating habits is making my supply decrease.
    I usually pump between 2-4 oz per 20min session but it still isnt enough!
    I have recently been taking a generic for zoloft because I was having severe ainxiety attacks. Could this decrease my milk supply?
    Any other advise? I know this is long Im just really trying to figure out how to get that supplement out of his diet!

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    Congratulations, and

    Anxiety alone can impact supply, which is a real bummer because it is anxiety producing to not have enough milk.

    I'm sure someone with personal experience will pipe in soon (I had the opposite problem), but in the meantime, I highly recommend looking through the information at the 'Not Enough Milk' Forum here and posting there, as well.

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    Default Re: Desparate to return to breastmilk only diet for DS

    have you seen a IBCLC (certified lactation consultant) to help you get your baby to nurse? I would recommend trying to get the baby to nurse as much as possible...I don't think zoloft affects milk supply. 2-4 oz per session is really a great output. Can you try to slow your baby down on the bottle more? Use a slow flow bottle, take frequent burp breaks...There are many more ideas and links on Kelly Mom I am sure someone will add. I have to get running now but there is plenty of hope for you.
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    Default Re: Desparate to return to breastmilk only diet for DS

    You are definitely producing enough milk. 2-4oz per session is fantastic! And your baby gets more than that while nursing.

    So if your baby still isn't gaining or having enough wets it is likely not about supply but rather about delivery (latch, how often being fed, how long being fed). So how are those three things going for you?
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