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Thread: Advice Needed Please

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    Hi Ladies,

    My DD is a little over 15 months and has a dairy allergy. I've been pumping once a day (after she goes to bed) for the past month. Before that, I gradually weaned myself down from pumping 3 times at work and once in the morning. I still nurse her on demand on the weekends and 2-3 times a day during the week (I work full time).

    I'm pretty sick of that last pump. I've dropped in production since I got AF back (never came back to normal) and I'm currently pumping for an hour and getting between 2 and 2 1/2 ounces. I have a freezer chest full of frozen milk...she's been getting primarily frozen milk at the sitter's. I've been freezing that fresh and adding it to my stash.

    She's not a huge fan of soy milk, but that's what we've been using for sippy cups, as my frozen milk smells funny if left in the sippy cup.

    Do you think I can finally stop pumping? Thoughts?

    Thanks, Jen

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    There is an allergy forums where you can post this or look for more info if you need to. I am not as familiar with allergies as some of the ladies on here are
    Maybe you can start by cutting the session shorter though. An hour of pumping is such a chunk of your time. I could see why you would want to drop it.

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    Have you tried Almond Milk, instead of Soy? I personally like the Almond better then soy.

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    My LO is 14 mths and I just pump weaned. He has not started any dairy so he drinks water during the day and eats lunch and snacks. He does nurse more during the evening and all through the night but I can handle that.

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