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Thread: relactation after five months and sore nipples

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    Red face relactation after five months and sore nipples

    hi my LO had some health issues so we had to switch to a high powered medi formula, he is growing out of many issues now so i want to try again, i postetd on another page too. i am completely dry and have been for months, i got a hosp pump, more milk plus, he can still latch just fine, and i just started pumping today. my nipples are already bleeding after just a few sessions, and i am getting worried. have never had nipple trouble, can i use neosporin? how long do they take to heal? i sure hope this works i badly want to come back! any advice would be great!!!!!!!!! sorry abt the one handed typing : )

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    Red face Re: relactation after five months and sore nipples

    hi i am in the same position as you...my LG had health issues as well..she was allergic to my milk and is now on a prescription formula...she is 4 months old now and i want to get back to breastfeeding..has ne one givin u any advice on how to get ur milk back? i bought the motherlove more milk plus ect...and im getting nothing after 2 weeks...i havent pumped that much tho..im not even getting a drop...should i pump more....i really want to go back to breastfeeding she still latches on so she remembers...doc said to wait til she is 6 months...im not sure what to do. as far as your sore nipples r u starting out your pump on the lowest setting and slowly working it to a higher setting? try to stimulate them manually first then pump on lowest setting..i find it helpful to take a hot shower or bath first...soften em up a bit...i hope this helps...good luck!!!

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    Default Re: relactation after five months and sore nipples

    maybe this will help

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    thank you so much..it did help and was very informative! it has helped me alot! nobody in my family is supportive of my wanting to try breastfeeding again..my daughter had the problems that i had to stop breastfeeding her at 7 weeks old. i have been dried up now for 2 and a half months...with the info you provided..it gives me hope that we can try again...her doc is not being very supportive either bc she has food allergies..hopefully she has outgrown them by the time she is 6 months..thats when doc said to try again if i must and i told her yes..i must..thank you again!

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    Default Re: relactation after five months and sore nipples

    If your baby has food allergies, you will need to cut those foods out of your diet so that you don't pass it on to her.

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