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Thread: exclusively pumping but would like to try latching on

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    Default Re: exclusively pumping but would like to try latching on

    So glad to hear you're still trying!! Keep at it mama, breastfeeding is a "skill" to be learned by babies... if your LO hasn't had to do it all this time, just keep reminding yourself that she's learning how to do it, just like you are! Just keep the sessions "low key/no pressure" and try not to stress out about it. I had a lot of problems bfing my first baby, and had lots of success getting her to latch on when she was just barely waking up from a nap. In fact, my DH knew that too, and the two of us would stalk the baby while she was napping... when she barely started to stir from a nap, I would scoop her up and latch her on immediately. DH would crack me up because when he would see her stirring, he would say "the baby's waking up, you going to nurse her?" You can do it!
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    Default Re: exclusively pumping but would like to try latching on

    You may want to try a nipple shield as it will have the same feel as a bottle nipple too at first.

    If.........you want you could do what I did.......at 3 months with my DD2 (I never got DD1 to latch, and never could breast feed her and EPed for 2 1/2 years for her so I wanted to for sure get DD2 to breast!).

    Well, what I did was use a nipple shield and stay home for like 2 weeks (don't plan on leaving any where!) and she fussed a lot, scratched me, hit me, cried, pulled her own hair out. But, after a week she got much better! Week two I took the nipple shield away from her most the time, not all the time, and by about 3 weeks she no longer even wanted the nipple shield! And she's been on breast only now for a while! She's 6 months and hasn't had a bottle in a long time.

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