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    Dear DJ,
    IT'S HERE! IT'S Here! It's finally here! Today is the day we celebrate your weaning! Can you believe it? We're DONE! We did it! We waited. We worked. We talked though it. We made a decision. And on June 22nd, the day you turned 4.5, we decided it was time. We would be done nursing. Since that day, you have had a few relapses. Which I was happy to cherish. But you have been done with your noonies for over a month now. I am so proud of you! So proud of our journey into your independence.
    The year of 4 has been so much fun. You are still so small. Small enough to still see all the wonder in the world. But old enough to talk, and tell me what you need, and carry your own suitcase! You are an athlete my boy. And it's been a joy to watch you. Riding that two wheeler, and that skateboard. Watching you, finally make it all the way across the monkey bars, holding on and jumping off at the end of the ripcord, jumping on the trampoline until you can't jump anymore. Your thrive in swim class and gymnastics.
    You are so happy. We have this scene locked down my love. Watching you develop these actual friendships in preschool this last year has been an absolute joy! Shoving as much fun as we can into every day off together we have. I barely have time to do your laundry. As you bounce your way through every party, schmooze your way through every family affair, and make new friends at every day at the park. I love you love you love you DJ. Even as you begin putting the distance between myself and you that a boy like you will between himself and his mother. I heard you tell Dan yesterday that you like Bubba better than your mother. And you announced to me last week that you LOVED him more than you love me. But I knew that this day would come. You can't be as close as we were and not at some point repel and need distance. It's the rhythm of life. Human nature. Come together, move apart. And to allow you the grace and freedom to move away, to find your independence, and know that my love has only grown, that is the way. It's what I must do. It's not easy. But it's what I know I must do.

    It's challenging. I have never been more frustrated with you than I have been this year. You have not yet found any grace when expressing your anger or frustration. And apparently somewhere along the way I think you lost your ears. Because you DON'T LISTEN. AT ALL. So it's hard to have to find a way to reconnect with you without nursing. You don't always want to look at me. When staring into my eyes used to be a given during those sessions. And the intimacy in our relationship......it's gone. It's gone forever. there is no way to get that back I am afraid. So close I hope we will remain, but alas it will never be again the way it was the first 4.5 years.
    So today, with all of your closest friends and happily with some of mine, we will go to Chuck E. Cheese and celebrate what we have done. Beat back your Father's asthma and eczema. For at least this long. Been extremely conscious of what kind of food we gave you forever. Because of breastmilk. Let taking care of your needs be more important than societal pressure. And let you stand proudly in who you were in your nursing relationship. Without any shame. I am so proud of you. So proud of myself. So proud of US. Of our family. We did it!
    And now, PAR-TAY!

    Way too lazy for formula

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    Oh Shelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*shannon75 View Post
    Oh Shelly
    Moma to *Silas* 10-30-07

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    Oh Shelly, that brought tears to my eyes! HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats for making it to this milestone with DJ.

    Happy Weaning Party DJ!!!!
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    . Congrats on making it so far.
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    Par-tay! Oh, and another

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    Congratulations DJ and mom.

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    This made me cry! Congrats DJ and to mom! Have a great party!

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    Wow, that was wonderful. I was smiling, crying, and feeling like this will sooner than later be Owen and I. You are an amazing mom. I hope you all have fun!
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