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Thread: Top teeth coming in

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    Ia m nursing my daughter who is 17 months. Her top teeth are just coming in now and it is posing a real challenge. I would like to keep nursing her. I would like to hear how tohers have made it through teething.

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    Moving this post out so it doesn't get lost in the other thread. Welcome!

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    What is most difficult about nursing her with her teeth coming in?

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    I know what you mean My DD is almost 15 months old and has been teething back-to-back, 2 at a time, ever since she turned 1 It IS uncomfortable, because it feels like her latch isn't the same. I just told DH today that my nipples are killing me! They feel like the first few days of bfing and I'm certain I'm not pg
    She has 4 on top that came in, that caused her a lot of discomfort, and I think her molars are making their way. I just ordered DD the amber teething bracelets. Hopefully she'll get some relief and not want to nurse for comfort as much
    Hang in there mama
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    My DS is almost one year old and he has 6 teeth, four top front ones and two front bottom ones. So far I don't have any problems with his teeth and him nursing (...so far! ) I think you should be fine!
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    My little guy just got his top four a few weeks ago and it was really hard on him. I generally only give him a paci at night, just because he doesn't really seem to need it and i'd rather nurse when i'm with him. When he was teething, he had it or something in his mouth ALL THE TIME.

    We also have a little mesh bag with a handle on top that you can snap an ice cube into. he LOVES this, more so when he's teething.

    I actually haven't noticed a big change in nursing. He bit me once in the bath and looked up at me and smiled. I said "ouch" and he cried hysterically and has never done it again. It was heartbreaking ;(

    I do wonder though if it's even harder for older babies/toddlers who get teeth later? Just because I would think they'd be more aware of pain etc. Mine is only 7.5 months - it also amazes me the huge range that LOs get teeth!
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