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Thread: galactogogue weaning ?

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    Default galactogogue weaning ?

    Was just reading something on Dr Sears website that was talking about how galactogogues *can* be a placebo effect, and that when we take them, they *may* be working because we think they will work? I'm not buying a trip on that crazy train, but I am wondering - as my journey as a breastfeeding Mama, what happens if I were to wean myself from the galactogogues I currently take? At 20 months nursing, would I experience a decrease in production, even if my girl is nursing strong? I'd secretly love to not take fenugreek and lactate support 3 times a day, and pay the $80/month to do so.
    Thoughts? Has anyone experienced this?

    Neither my daughter or myself wish to slow nursing. I rather love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    At 20 months I would think it a good time to wean off supplements. Perhaps starting slowly and eliminating at a slower rate would be helpful. You could try eating a daily bowl of oatmeal to keep you boosted. If your supply completely tanked, you could always reintroduce.

    Bear in mind that toddler nursing is different than infant nursing. Often it feels like there is not milk and there aren't always frequent let downs in between nursing, but once LO starts to nurse the milk let's down and is there.

    And FWIW, $80/month is definitely too much to pay! If you decide to continue taking fenugreek, I would look into buying the bulk seed. It's much cheaper and generally much fresher, too. You can get it online (here's one source) or at Indian grocery stores (look for "methi") and Middle Eastern grocery stores (look for "hilbeh").

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    Default Re: galactogogue weaning ?

    wean off it gradually is the only advice I can give.
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    Default Re: galactogogue weaning ?

    I'm just about weaned off of domperidone at this point, and didn't notice a decrease. The pumping sessions at work still put out the same per session as last year when he was 2 months old.

    I'd give the weaning off a try. Just make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
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