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Thread: Weaning My Breasts from BF

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    I am in the process of weaning my 8 week old. She is doing very well with the process however I am worried about what to do for myself. How do I "prepare" my breasts to stop producing milk. I have been hand expressing BM to alleviate the engorgement but what next? If there is anyone out there that can help I would appreciate it.

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    I have no help for you, just curious why you are weaning so early? Your LO is still so young and has lots of benefits to get from your milk.
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    The best and most natural way to wean is gradually. Drop one feeding, give it a few days to allow your milk supply to decrease, then drop a second feeding, give it a few days, etc. If you go slowly enough, your milk supply should dwindle without you having to go through much discomfort, and without too much chance of ending up engorged or with plugged ducts or mastitis. A cup of peppermint or sage tea may also help decrease supply. Once you've dropped all the feedings, don't be too surprised if you can still express a little milk. That can continue for months, sometimes even years, after weaning is complete.

    Like the PP, I'm curious why you're weaning so early. Are you having problems that are leading you to quit? If so, let us know- we may be able to help!

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