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Thread: Not nursing much

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    Default Not nursing much

    DS will be 15 months in about a week and the last few days he has not been nursing much at all during the dayand on top of that, he has decided he wants to sleep all night. He is all of a sudden asking to eat and wanting solids. I am worried because my supply is dropping, he will only take a very small amount ofwater in a cup no EBM and he isallergic to milk and soy so I really want to keep nursing as long a s possible and need to get in those 3-4 good sessions daily. What do I do?

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    Just keep offering momma, that's all you can do at this stage.

    He may be going through a developmental phase where sleep is really important. One thing I have learned in 16 years of parenting is that as soon as you think you got your child's pattern figured out they change it up on you!! If you're patient I think this is likely to change again soon.
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