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    One of the things LLL Leaders discuss during their accreditation process is the difference between giving advice and giving information. In LLL we strive to give mothers information to help them make decisions for their families, but without giving advice. LLL believes each mother is the expert on her own baby and family.

    Giving advice is telling another person what they should do. It may send an unspoken message that the listener is not capable of making her own decisions, but needs to be told what to do. It uses phrases like “you should...”, “you ought to...”, “you need to...”, or “if I were you I would...”.

    Giving information lets the mother know what the options are and make the decision for herself about what her best course of action is. It uses words like “Some babies need...” or “What worked for me was...”. Probably the best way information is shared in LLL is through mothers sharing their personal experiences.

    We ask that all members make an effort to provide information rather than advice, and refrain from lecturing, criticizing, arguing, or pressuring other members. This is a place for exchanging ideas, not for convincing others to parent a certain way. If you don't like another member's approach, you can offer your own perspective without criticizing hers.

    We invite you to share your experiences with the other mothers on the board. Your experience will help someone; it may be exactly what another mother needs to hear.
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    Check out the article on pp 16-17 of Breastfeeding Today, "Mother Knows Best" by Lisa Hassan Scott.

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    Nice e-mag

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    A very wise woman once told me, "Unsolicited advice is criticism."
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