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Thread: Too old for bottle?? How much fluid does 14 mo need?

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    Default Too old for bottle?? How much fluid does 14 mo need?

    Not sure if I should post this in pumping, solids or here...

    My DS is almost 14 months old. Lately, he's been refusing the bottle while I'm working. Won't even take it to go down at night. I'm already dealing with lipase, so I am scalding my milk.

    He won't really take a sippy cup, or regular cup. He just likes to bang it on his highchair and spill it everywhere. He's eating solids pretty well, and still nursing probably 5-6 times a day.

    When do babies "outgrow" bottles? How much fluid does he need in addition to nursing? He definitely doesn't pee as much as he used to, but he's eating like a champ. Will he get fluid he needs from food as well? He loooooves fruit.

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    Default Re: Too old for bottle?? How much fluid does 14 mo need?

    Will he drink a cup if someone else holds it? My dd loves taking sips of water from my glass.
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    Default Re: Too old for bottle?? How much fluid does 14 mo need?

    what about drinking from a straw? If not I would suggest foods that have a high liquid content, like watermelon, melons, other fruits and veggies.

    My DS had a palate surgery at 13 months and REFUSED all liquids for about 2 months, Docs just told me to make sure he was getting plenty of foods like fruits, jello, veggies, etc... While I was able to syringe small amounts of liquid in him, the majority he got was from his food. He NEVER dehydrated in those few months, so the food must have had enough liquid in it to satisfy him! he also ate lots of yogurt, baby food and puddings.

    good luck, I know how nerve wracking it is when you think your kid isnt drinking enough! Sounds like yours is getting plenty though!
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    Default Re: Too old for bottle?? How much fluid does 14 mo need?

    my dd stopped taking the bottle at 14 months also. I took it as a cue that I could stop pumping. she would just play with the bottle and spill it. she was also eating plenty of solids and nursing several times a day. i made sure she always had a cup of water available and she drank to thirst. HTH.
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