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Thread: when is he too old to nurse?

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    Default Re: when is he too old to nurse?

    Hi there

    I am currently nursing my 4 year old, and he has been at kindergarten (preschool) for the last year. He only nurses first thing in the morning after he wakes up, and doesn't seem to really think about it for the rest of the day. I don't think he would even bother talking to his friends at kindergarten about it and more than he would talk about hopping into bed and having a cuddle.

    I understand your concerns, but in all likelihood, it would never come up while your ds is at school.

    Best wishes.

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    My daughter , Who is now 3 years and 11 months, is still nursing once every 5 days or so. But only a few months ago, at 3 years 6 months, she was nursing at least 3 or 4times every day. It is really amazing how quickly they can outgrow it! Don't let outside pressure push you into doing weaning if you are still enjoying it.
    BTW, my best friend nursed her son until he was nearly 5 (he really seemed to need it). He was going to pre-school, and it was no big deal. It's not like he was nursing more than once or twice a day. Good luck

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    I am having the same concern and am curious to see what happens in the next few months. My dd is about to turn 3 and will go to preschool this fall. I had not even considered her talking about it; she never talks about it at home or with her little "friends" in my mom's group. My big concern is the SLEEP thing - how will she nap! My child is very strong willed and has never willingly fallen asleep for anyone else but me in 3 years. We tried Mother's Day Out ages ago and it just did not work at all. I do know a number of 3 year olds, not nursing, who are not napping at nap time any more, so I guess she won't be the only one.
    Everyone says they just kind of stop, but I have to believe there is some encouragement going on because it would never enter my dd's mind to fall asleep without nursing if I did not talk with her about it. Like potty training. I have been talking with her nightly, just saying "and when you turn 3 you won't want to nurse because you will be a big girl like ...(your cousin, your friend, etc. who is older) and talking about her baby cousin who is nursing who can't talk or walk or eat real food yet. She listens very intently and she has rolled over a few times and gone to sleep without nursing at that moment. In my mind, I want to just stop a day or so after her birthday and just go through a few rough days to achieve weaning. I have not been able to conceive and I turn 41 in June so that is another reason I am ready to stop. Also, for the first 2 years, I was so exhausted from the nonstop nursing, I am finally feeling like a normal person and I am ready to continue to feel that way - at least until I get pregnant! LOL I have found very little info on How to Wean - I do not want to read anthropological studies on other people's practices and through the ages, etc. I want plain facts and good ideas to help move the process along. I am getting the book, Maggie's Weaning, which I also hope will be helpful to read with DD at nighttime.

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