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Thread: Bacteria in breastmilk made twin preemies ill

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    Default Re: Bacteria in breastmilk made twin preemies ill

    Congrats on those precious babies, mama!!

    These are your babies, and you have EVERY right to know what is going on with them. DEMAND they tell and explain to you the bacteria and how it made them sick. Freeze your milk for now. Consider donor milk like PP said. And don't stop looking for answers. Doctors are not always right, so maybe even demand a second opinion and get someone new in there...get them transferred to a diff hospital, even...that is if they are stable enough to be transferred.

    My heart goes out to you and your babies!

    Breastfed for 4.8 years

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    Default Re: Bacteria in breastmilk made twin preemies ill

    I'm a NICU nurse and mother to 29weeks twins myself.
    This sounds fishy! I've never heard of breast milk as a source of sepsis. There have been cases of contaminated powder formula (it can't be sterilized like the liquid) leading to NEC (and maybe sepsis too--not sure).

    If your milk, while inside your breasts has bacteria in it, then you'd have mastitis. Breast milk is sterile (no microbes at all) inside. Yes, it certainly picks up bacteria once it hits the skin. There is no stopping that. That's why it has to be carefully refriderated (cold slows bacteria growth, and therefore "rot") and handled. Most NICU's have shorter time allowed in the fridge, post thawed, etc for preemies than healthy babies for this reason.
    But, no food fed to the babies is sterile! As soon as you open that little jar of formula, it's exposed. Feedings aren't expected to be sterile.

    You do have the right to information. Go to the medical records dept and find out the process for seeing the chart.

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