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Thread: Is my milk bad?

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    Question Is my milk bad?

    I just started pumping this week. I noticed today that some of my milk that I pumped this morning had lumps in it. It has small curdles in it. This is the first time I have noticed this. I have noticed in the past that my baby will spit up some of these curdles. Does this mean my milk is bad. It smells fine. Also, I accidently poured some freshly expressed milk into a container of cool milk in the fridge without cooling it first. Do I need to throw this container away now?

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    Default Re: Is my milk bad?

    No your milk is not bad (unless it smells rancid, but that's unmistakeable ). The clumps you are seeing most likely are globules of milk fat. Just gently swirl it back into the milk. The clumps that come up in spit up are digested, curdled milk (curdled by baby's stomach acids).

    Throwing the freshly expressed milk that you had poured into a container of cooled milk away would probably be overkill. Just use that milk *first* and for extra safety, give it the sniff test before feeding to baby.

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