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Thread: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

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    Default Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    At 10:42pm on 10/11/2005, my little angel graced us with her presance, 6 weeks early.
    We have been through so much this year. She's been in the hospital multiple times, has undergone many many tests and surgery. Having to see the doctors and nurses do everything to her to find out what was happening with her. She is now a year old and every day I look at her, I just see my perfect little angel before me. She has been exclusivly breastfed throughout all of this, something the doctors said that they doubt could be done with her after surgery, but we made it!!!
    My baby has grown up way to fast. Just yesterday she was swaddled up and placed into my arms for the first time. Just yesterday we were trying to get her to latch on with the help of the NICU nurses and occupational thearpist. Just yesterday she smiled for the first time. Just yesterday, we heard her giggle while we sucked out buggies. Just yesterday, she was just a baby. Now today she is exploring everything around her, and always keeping me in sight. She is wondering farther and farther with my assurance that everything will be ok. It's now hard to remember how little you were, just yesterday. I have watched you grow into the beautiful little angel that I know now!!!
    Happy Birthday Little Angel, we made it through the first year!!!!

    I got to hold her for a few mins. before she was ripped away from my arms & sent to the NICU

    Madeline in the NICU that first day with daddy

    Not even a month old, asleep at home after a 10 day NICU stay

    6 months old

    7 months old after her surgery

    8 months old with daddy

    1 year old pictures
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    You made me cry!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! And congrats Mama!!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    Happy Birthday

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    Happy Birthday Madeline! Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    I can hardly type through the tears!! Bless you and your family. Happy Birthday!!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    Congratulations on making it to the 1 year mark! Happy Birthday Madeline!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    You made me cry too...not only because you made it this far with a preemie, but today, my little nephew is 1...and he was born at 31 1/2 weeks and was very sick...and now is such a big boy and so strong. It is amazing what the medical world can do for such weak los today, isn't it? Congrats on your little one, becomeing a big one!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    Happy birthday you sweet, sweet baby girl. And happy day to your mommy and daddy for taking such wonderful care of you!

    You made me get all teary here at work Made me think of my little one, Maya-bear, growing up way too fast for mommy's liking.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    Happy birthday! What a touching experience...thanks for sharing.


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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Madeline!!!!

    a big happy birthday and hugs to you!!!

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