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Thread: Dropping the paci by 1 year

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    Your dentist might have better advice. I know that we took our first off the bottle first, the binky second. What we did was slowly phase out milk in bottles but let her have water (we watered down her milk so it was a transition). Eventually it was her choice to quit drinking water, she'd rather have milk in a sippy. Find one she/he really likes. As for the binky, she was old enough to talk, around 1 1/2 I think. I snipped the very tip off every binky and didn't tell her. She thought they were broken and imagine that, all of them were broken! Three days later I snipped a bit more. And three days later a lot more. By then she was over the broken binkies. And again, it was all her decision so no tears!
    With this baby I don't plan to take them away quite so early. I have heard with binkies that as long as you regulate it (like make them take it out to talk so that they develop speaking properly) then it is fine up to age 3. I am going to be more relaxed this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*andrea.wolford View Post
    I think alot of kids have a high sucking need. And the paci or bottle fills that need.

    Both of my kids had pacifiers that they loved. I weaned my daughter off hers about 1, and her occasional thumb sucking became continuous. She sucked her thumb until she was 5-ish and had to stop because of a painful abscess under her callous. My son was weaned off the pacifier much more slowly and gently than my daughter, and used it last sometime between 2 and 2 1/2. As soon as he lost the paci, he began (out of nowhere) biting his fingernails. And he's pretty much had his fingers in his mouth ever since then. I have seriously not cut his nails even once since then. If I am ever blessed to have another baby, and s/he is a paci baby, I will wait even longer, I think, and work VERY hard to offer some sort of alternative to fill the need that the paci fills.

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    What do you do when they drink from a sippy? I am almost out of my Freezer stash of milk and will be switching to formula soon. The formula is only good for a hour at room temp. Do kids carry the cups around, and how do you get them to drink it before it goes bad? When we use a bottle, he drinks it all then he has his solids. How does the sippy concept work, because he won't sit still to drink his milk from it?

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