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Thread: nighttime nursing

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    Default nighttime nursing

    My almost 13 mo old nurses typically 6 x/night which is really fine with me since we co-sleep. However, last night she only nursed 3 times and I considered latching her on when she didn't ask for it before I got up but just left her alone. I pump every morning before I run anyway so it's really not an issue for me. Now, I wonder, am I indirectly night weaning her by saying "don't offer don't refuse" during the night, or would really any sane mother try to get her baby to nurse more at night? I am thinking I should just leave her alone and if she wants to nurse I am right there but if she is happy then I just get a little more milk when I pump in the morning (I get up a few hrs before she does while she stays with daddy).

    In another 7-8 mos we are going to try to get a little sibling for her and by then I am hoping we are all sleeping quite a bit more at night but in the meantime I really am content with nursing 6+x/night.

    Sorry if this didn't make a ton of sense, I am half asleep myself.
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    Default Re: nighttime nursing

    I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe you both need your sleep
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    Default Re: nighttime nursing

    Things like this have often gone in phases in our house. She might not need to nurse too much this week or next but then it might jump to 10 times a night the next week. I wouldn't worry about it but just enjoy the sleep.

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    Default Re: nighttime nursing

    enjoy the sleep while you can!!!
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    Default Re: nighttime nursing

    I agree w/ PP's, enjoy the extra rest.

    T goes thru phases...he'll nurse 6x/night and then for a week it'll be 3 or less...then back up to 5...constantly changing. I let him decide when he wants it.

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