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Thread: Zantac and vomiting?

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    Default Zantac and vomiting?

    My 10 week old has reflux and has been on Zantac since week two. We usually give her the dose approximately 20 minutes before feeding and recently, in the last three weeks or so, she has started throwing up a significant portion of the meal. This only happens after being dosed - the rest of the day, she keeps everything down except for the normal spitting up associated with reflux. It doesn't happen every time she takes the medicine, maybe every other day or third day, but often enough that it seems to be related.

    The evening dosage is usually given before her last meal before bed, which is typically a bottle of expressed milk. The morning dosage is given after she wakes up, ~20 minutes before being breastfed. After the bottle feeding, she throws up most of what she eats - we thought maybe the bottle feeding was what was causing it, maybe she was eating too much too fast but she only has this problem after Zantac. And she also spits up a significant amount after Zantac + breastfeeding, a lot more than at any other time of the day.

    Has anyone else experienced this reaction to Zantac? Our ped said he'd never heard of anything like this and didn't seem worried, since she's gaining weight. I should mention that she is only vomiting undigested milk, not bile or anything worse, and that she doesn't appear to be in any pain and is fine right after - she'll even eat again and keep it down. It just seems like the Zantac is inducing this somehow... I know it's mostly a laundry problem but it just kills me to see her vomiting and I know it can't be comfortable, even if it's not a health issue.


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    Default Re: Zantac and vomiting?

    DD had reflux and it really sucked!
    But, is there anything you're eating at night (that you don't have during the day) that could be making her reflux act up? For me I realized that me having soy in the morning would make DD's reflux worse, especially when I was engorged. I had to resort to block feeding.
    One thing that comes to mind is that when they bottle feed they tend to drink more than they would from the breast because it's easier. Could you try giving her her dose, bottle feeding 1/2, then letting her top off at the breast to see what happens?
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    DS started to spit up a lot more after we started him on Zantac -- not just after doses, but all the time. I have heard it recommended that it should be given at least an hour before meals, but since my son breastfed about every 30-60 minutes through most of his infancy I never tried that out...
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    Default Re: Zantac and vomiting?

    Hmmm, if the reason Zantac is prescribed is b/c it suppresses the stomach acids and enzymes needed for digestion perhaps your LO needs those enzymes to digest the breastmilk.
    The practice of treating medicinally reflux in infants is relatively new. the womanly art of breastfeeding is ancient. it might be time to re-examine your LO's symptoms of discomfort. some baby's do need non-nutritive sucking to aid digestion. there is nothing like a comfortably soft breast and nipple to comfort nurse a baby.

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