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Thread: Pump Weaning - how long can it take?

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    Default Pump Weaning - how long can it take?

    Hello! I’m an EPer I’ve been pump-weaning and have some questions. A few weeks ago I gradually started to reduce my pumping output – every few days dropping a session until I got to the point, last week, where I was just pumping once per day. Then after a few days of that I reduced the length of that one session, just pumping enough to relieve fullness. The last time I pumped was last Thursday (4 days ago to date) and while I’m not uncomfortably full – I’m still fuller than I thought I would be, and still leaking a little (especially in the mornings). I’ve been occasionally manually expressing some milk to soften any particularly hard areas. Today my breasts are a little sore – but that might be because I went for a jog yesterday (for the first time in a long time) and despite my jogging bra felt like I was bouncing around a lot. I know I should avoid pumping so that I stop producing – how long can I expect it to take to really “dry up?” I guess I’m just surprised that after 4 days of not pumping (just a little manual expression) I’m still leaking and a little uncomfortable…but this is all new to me so any feedback would be appreciated. I certainly don’t want to end up with any plugged ducts or infections…thank you!
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    Default Re: Pump Weaning - how long can it take?

    it could take a while for you to stop actually making milk. I think you are doing the right thing by hand expressing a little. I would think that the soreness is from the bouncing. If you are still sore tomorrow and you haven't been running again I would be a little more concerned. On another note try using two sports bra's when you jog- might help to eliminate some bounce.

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