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Thread: Night-weaning with no help from DH

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    Default Night-weaning with no help from DH

    For those who have night-weaned their LO's am I crazy to think I can do this on my own?

    DH is a great dad, very involved but works shift work so his help would be inconsistent. I worry that this will confuse DD (to have some nights where Dad provides comfort but other nights not) during this night-weaning process.

    I would appreciate any advice and/or input. Not sure if I'm over-thinking this entirely. DD is 12 months and I feel I need to night-wean (or at least reduce her wake-ups to 1-2 times) in order to get more sleep for myself and be able to nurse her longer overall.


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    Default Re: Night-weaning with no help from DH

    This link has some good info on getting your LO to sleep longer while cosleeping- doesn't have to include dad.

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