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Thread: Infrequent BM at 5 Months?

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    Default Infrequent BM at 5 Months?

    My son turned 5 months old almost two weeks ago and ever since he has had some major bm changes. Since he was born he would always have a bm at least once a day. Last week he went three whole days without going at all and then when he did go it was very small and runny. He went again the next day, skipped the day after, and now has not gone for two days. I know it's normal for a bf baby to go without a bm, but doesn't it typically start when they are younger? I guess my biggest concern is that it's starting so late and that when he does go it's more runny than it used to be. Anyone else's babies like this?


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    Default Re: Infrequent BM at 5 Months?

    That's about when our DD's stool patterns changed too! I think it's totally normal and healthy.

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