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Thread: Should I stop?

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    Default Should I stop?

    With my first daugter I stopped BFing at 1 yr. old secondary to pregnant with daughter no.2. With my second daugter, I had the luxury of extending the BFing and we, at 2 yr.s old have gradually whittled it down to nursing once before bed. My goal for her was 2 years old to wean totally and next week we will be at that milestone and I find myself somewhat reluctant to end that relationship. Any thoughts from my BFing sisters?

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    Only you can decide that for yourself mama. It seems that you aren't ready from your post though.

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    If you don't want to and she doesn't want to, why even worry about it? It will end eventually, either naturally or by choice. If now is not the time, it's not the time.

    If she is only nursing now before bed, she might let it go on her own terms anyhow. By the time my ds was down to once a day, it wasn't too long before he started skipping it all together some days. Then he just stopped.

    Of course, it might not be that easy for you, but if it's not something that is causing a problem, why change it?

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    why stop for such an arbitrary event? If you and your child still want to nurse then go for it!
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