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Thread: cant believe we are here

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    wtg mama
    Mommy to Maxwell 10-9-07 weaned with love (a party and a remote control monster truck) on his 4th birthday
    My Boy 3-16-10
    And my sweet pea Sam 2-12-11

    Watch Your Language

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    thanks ladies. the encouragement means so much.. i dont get it as much irl. im sure some people are even starting to think its weird.
    Student aspiring to be a Chiropractor and mother to Noah who will be 3 in July and Olivia who will be 2 in Aug.

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    Congratulations! I am also still breastfeeding a 1-year-old, on demand! Enjoy, be confident, and enjoy the love and bonding you have with Olivia that NOTHING can break. And to those unsupportive people in your life, stuff 'em.
    Kirsten, Full-Time Mother To:
    Veronica Nova

    I am generally or or both
    I cloth diaper and nurse in public, proudly!

    And with our ped's blessing, I'm raising a vegetarian baby who is half my height at 1-year-old!

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