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Thread: Another Green Poo Question

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    Default Another Green Poo Question

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking this... but I see a lot of green poo questions here.

    My lo will be 20 weeks old tomorrow. She is EBF and she does several (5-7?) wet nappies a day, and 2-3 dirty ones daily. Here's a run down of what I notice.

    - her poop is green and seedy. Similar consistency of when it used to be the "classic" mustard and seedy, just green.

    - not exceptionally smelly, though my dh would disagree but I honestly don't find it that smelly at all.

    - I only pump occasionally so that she will accept a bottle on the rare times that I cannot feed her myself. When I do express milk and it's had a chance to chill there doesn't seem to be much fat in it - it's quite watery and thin, but I'm able to express 4-5 oz easily in a few minutes

    - Her weight gain has been great and she has moved up a centile in the last couple of weeks and the health visitor is pleased with how she's coming along. Her weight and growth has never been a concern.

    - DD is quite settled, sleeps extremely well during the night and is a very happy, chilled out, relaxed baby.

    - When she does have a movement she does not cry and does not suffer with gas/wind.

    - DD will go at least two hours between feeds during the day until late afternoon (4:30 ish) and then seems to cluster feed until she goes to bed at around 7:00 ish

    - I feed on demand and she is almost always satisfied with feeding from only one breast, though I do offer the other one if she wants it.

    - I drink a lot of milk myself and eat yogurt often.

    When I asked my health visitor about the green poo, she took into consideration dd's weight gain progress, how settled she is, etc and said that she wasn't too worried about it, and it just may be how dd goes.

    Would you agree with this, or is there something that I should be doing to get it back to the yellow mustard like colour and away from the green? Should I be more concerned about the green poo? Is it possible that she's getting an imbalance of foremilk / hindmilk but is continuing to gain weight despite this? Would block feeding help this?

    Sorry this became so long. I tried to make it as straight forward as possible. At the heart of the matter I guess I'm asking if I should be concerned about green poo despite the fact that my lo is otherwise perfectly fine?


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    Default Re: Another Green Poo Question

    If she is fine, I would not be worried about it. And you said that it is still seedy. You may have a bit of oversupply, but it's not causing any problems - I wouldn't change anything you're doing.

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    It sounds like you are doing great! I wouldn't be too concerned.

    When my DS was about 4-5 months, we went through a stretch of green poo. I was told that it could be that I had an inadequate intake of Omega-3 EFAs. I started taking daily Flax seed oil, and the poo issue cleared up. Perhaps this something worth trying. Fish is a better source of Omega 3s, but I'm allergic, but fish or a vegetarian alternative could make a difference.

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    Default Re: Another Green Poo Question

    Awesome, thanks for the advice and information. I haven't been obsessing over it much because she has so many positives. I feel better for having asked the question though, even if it just confirmed what I was already thinking!

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    Default Re: Another Green Poo Question

    Are you eating a lot of green veggies lately? It sounds kind of silly, but it is summer and good veggie season, so...

    Also, we had serious green poop for 3 weeks before I figured out that it was because of coffee I started drinking. Kind of the same story - happy healthy kid, gaining weight really nicely, no problems, but green seedy poop. Once I figured it out, I stopped drinking coffee and it became yellow again Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Another Green Poo Question

    I have always wondered but never asked a green poop question too. DS has always been small and really fell off the charts like a lot of BF babies do. His poop stopped being yellow early on and never went back to yellow. It was always green until he started really eating solids. He had reflux for about 14-15 months. What happened?

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