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Thread: I need INFORMATION...please :)

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    Default I need INFORMATION...please :)

    So, baby is only 10 months now but I am already gearing up for a "battle" if you will with my mom and possibly the pediatrician. I'm not as concerned with the pediatrician because he is very laid back and pretty much do-what-works-for-you kind of person. But, with my first, she was dropping on the charts at a year and told me he would like to see her given cows milk for meals only. If she drinks it, great, if not, no biggie. I was already going to start weaning her slowly, so it wasn't a huge deal to me. However, with this baby, I would really like to see her get the benefit of my milk and delay doing cows milk, though still not 100% sure what I will do yet.

    So, here is the deal with my mom. She has started saying things like, "well I think she just looks thirsty sometimes." or asks things like, "When does food become more important nutritionally than breastmilk?" Even though I try to educate her on some of these things, she doesn't seem to listen. I would really like some good solid information about breastfeeding past one so that if these comments get confrontational, I can send her a link. Basically these are my questions:

    How much water should she drink after a year?
    How do I know if she is getting enough breastmilk after a year?
    Should I continue to offer nursing before solids if I want to maintain my supply or is it okay to relax on that?

    If you have any good links or books that I can check out of the library that address these things that would be great! When I look these up on kellymom there is a lot of "benefits" to nursing past 1 but not a lot of direction as to how to go about it. I totally get that it's a process and that just because she turns a year, does not mean something magically changed in her overnight, but that's how I feel my mom views it and so I want to have something to "prove" to her that I'm still doing the right thing.


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    Default Re: I need INFORMATION...please :)

    LLL has a book Mothering your Nursing Toddler and also the new Womanly Art of Breastfeeding would be excellent resources for you. Nursing my 12 mo old AK now.. Maybe it would be better to ask your mom why she has a problem with what you're doing. Also the World Health Org. recommends nursing at least 2 years. There are always benefits at any age.
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    Default Re: I need INFORMATION...please :)

    From what I hear as long as your baby is nursing 4 times a day then she is fine from a milk perspective. I have an 11 month old and what I plan to do is nurse on demand at night (typically 2-3 good feeds) and nurse in the morning when she wakes up for the day. Then I will make sure she gets another good feed somewhere in the day, probably before or after her nap. For meals she will get a drink in a cup/bottle and it will either be some form or alternative milk (she's allergic to milk) or water with a splash of juice.
    As for solids, I think breakfast of cheerios or oatmeal and a bit of fruit, lunch of meat and a bit of fruit or veggie, and then dinner whatever we are eating. For snack throughout the day she gets more cheerios, maybe crackers, or bits of whatever I may be eating. Some days I let her have graham crackers.
    If she "looks" thirsty well you can either quench her thirst with breastmilk or feel free to give her water. People from older generations were told different stuff than we are today and they are just speaking from what they know. I have my grandmother keep my kids anytime I need a sitter and believe me her advice is down right humorous at times.
    From what I understand your milk supply at 12+ months can take a more hectic schedule so if you skip a feeding it isn't too big a deal. I work 2-3 nights a week and for the past few months I no longer pump (4 hours away from baby). She gets topped off before I leave and gets solids and water/alternative milk if she is hungry. Believe me, my milk is just fine, lol.
    I think most of it is just doing what feels right and it will all work itself out.
    None of that is scientific information, sorry. I will say that when I know my ped may disagree with something I just don't bring it up. If he asks how long I plan to nurse I will tell him the truth. If we continue to disagree then I will just nod my head and change the subject. Just because he has a degree does not mean he is the best person to decide what is best for my baby from a nutrition standpoint.

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    Default Re: I need INFORMATION...please :)

    I like this page http://www.kellymom.com/bf/bfextended/ebf-benefits.html

    At the bottom it has the health benefits for mom too such as protection from cancer, etc.

    I usually just say "it's what's best for both of us" and leave it at that.
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    Default Re: I need INFORMATION...please :)

    Have you seen this page?


    it has a ton of info but not sure if specifically what you are looking for is in there, worth reading though.

    I think that what you are looking for is like you say a process. So you're right in thinking that there aren't any studies (that I have seen anyway) on these kinds of things. I have seen plenty of recommended eating plans for one year olds and also suggested daily meal plans but my experience and that of many mommas on here is that they are unrealistic. Many breastfed one year olds still rely mainly on BM for months into their first year.

    This is helpful:


    According to the data in the beginning of that link a liter of BM gives at least a third if not more of the major daily nutrients for ages 12-23 months.

    I always looked at it as a bonus for my toddler. Toddlers get so picky with food that breastmilk seems to me to be like an ultra nutritional smoothie added to the diet packed with everything they need plus immune boosters. Your mom wouldn't have a problem with you giving a nutritional immune boosting smoothie right? It's really the same thing.
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    Default Re: I need INFORMATION...please :) your mom and you

    What I gathered from your posting is that you need to find a way to lovingly assert your choice to nurse beyond a year. it seems to me that you are looking for a way not to alienate your mom, who is a super duper grandma. but you need not bend to her wishes when it comes to nursing your daughter past a year.
    you can say things to your mom like, "gee, I am so lucky to have a mom like you. you are concerned about my children's well being and for this I am grateful." also you can say."look how happy and playful the baby is. she hardly ever gets ill. It must be the breastmilk don't you agree?''
    say it with a smile on your face and mom will be less likely to resist. you need not battle with your mom. she might secretly feel that you are judging her b/c she didn't nurse you. she may have unresolved feelings about that.

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