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Thread: Taking a nursing toddler camping

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    Default Taking a nursing toddler camping

    Dear mammas,

    We're going camping this weekend in bear country. DH and I know the routine with packing away food in bear lockers and watching out for things that are not food but have food-like smells. So as we were getting ready, I got to wondering about breastmilk. If it gets on my clothes, should I change and pack the milky clothes away? Could human breastmilk and its sweetness attract bears to our tent?? Any mammas btdt?

    My supply is pretty regular and well-tuned to DS now so I don't spray very often but there is the odd occasion where he'll nurse for two sucks, get distracted and explore something else, "leaving the faucet running" so I spray lots and lucky if there's a cloth nearby!

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has ever mixed the two - nursing and camping!

    Thanks in advance,

    DS 15 months, EC champ, BLW and feeding himself lots, family bed, babywearing when he allows it. We're loving the adventure!

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    Default Re: Taking a nursing toddler camping

    I think its perfectly safe.
    I mean, you smell of milk as is, so getting it on your clothes is not really a risk.
    We've gone backpacking with DS since he was 3 weeks old, nursing all the way, starting in Yosemite. Its perfectly fine.
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    We are , love to , cloth diapering that and taking him with us everywhere.

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    Default Re: Taking a nursing toddler camping

    Hmmm... never even worried about it.

    I think it's the hamburgers you need to worry about.

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    Default Re: Taking a nursing toddler camping

    so basically, this isn't a vacation? I admire your adventurousness.

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    Default Re: Taking a nursing toddler camping

    I go camping all the time. I never worry about bears (not in bear country) or other animals, but I do worry about bees, but have never had a problem with them either.
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    Default Re: Taking a nursing toddler camping

    How was the trip? We camped with tandem nursing toddlers without any problems...bears would probably love breastmilk!!

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