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Thread: Is my DS self weaning? Could I be PG...?

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    Default Is my DS self weaning? Could I be PG...?

    Hi Girls-

    My DS is eight months old-I pump for him during the day while I am at work and feed at the breast at night and on the weekend-last week I didn't have enough breastmilk for him-so DCP went half and half (half bm half formula) for some bottles and then gave him one full bottle of formula in the afternoon-yesterday she was having a hard time getting him to eat but we just thought his ear was hurting (he has been suffering from chornic ear infections for the past three months). Then today she was having the same problem-he just didn't want the bottle of breastmilk. So she tried a bottle of formula-and he sucked it right down and has been sleeping for about the past hour. I told her to try and half and half again the next time he is hungry-but does this mean he is self weaning? I don't think I am ready for that yet! HELP!

    Also-If I were pregnant would that have some type of effect on this? Just curious-I haven't see the return of AF - but my husband and I haven't exactly been "cautious" either.

    Any input or advice you could offer is greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: Is my DS self weaning? Could I be PG...?

    Sounds like when he gets bottles, he prefers the formula? My son won't drink bm from bottles, too for some reason. I stopped trying at around 8 months, ever since he drinks juice at the daycare (he's there for max. 6 hrs) and I nurse him directly at home and nighttimes so he gets his milk.
    Does your baby still enjoy drinking at the breast? If yes, then I don't think he's weaning as of yet...

    I have no experience with the pregnancy part, but I have heard (not real scientific evidence here) that your milk taste would change when you are obviously pregnant i.e. you already know it yourself, not within the first several days when the hormonal changes are still small. But again, I'm not sure about that.

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