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Thread: plugged ducts that won't go away!

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    Default plugged ducts that won't go away!

    I have been going on 3 weeks with what I think are plugged ducts in my left breast. I have hard lumpy areas (not to mention painful)
    in my top left part of the breast and the bottom left and my breast is swollen. The baby is still latching on. My OB said she didn't think I had mastitis because I don't have a fever. I've been using a heating pad and frequent nursing. I go back to work in a week and am getting super nervous that I'm still going to have this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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    Default Re: plugged ducts that won't go away!

    This link has some more info on plugged ducts. Have you tried Lechtin? I think that is supposed to help along with massage, warm compresses and nursing.

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    Default Re: plugged ducts that won't go away!

    Yes, lecithin worked for me: 1,200mg capsule, four times a day. But it does take time for it to start working. And you do have to be regularly draining the breast, which of course might be tough when you're at work. If you're really desperate, and aren't totally horrified by this suggestion , I would try asking your husband/significant other (if there is one) to help suck the plug out (take a long, hot shower, first). To be honest, I find when I have a plugged duct that the baby doesn't really want that breast and I can never get her to get the job done well , so it takes forever for the plugged duct to go away.

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