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Thread: Okay, I need some help.

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    Default Okay, I need some help.

    My son is 15 months old. He still nurses, especially at night. He will fall asleep in the car and if my husband holds him and rocks him, he will cry himself to sleep. However, he still nurses to sleep for naps and bedtime 90 percent of the time. I don't see much of a problem with this; we co-sleep which makes it easier. For the past month or maybe a little more, LO has been waking up several times at night and crying, like he's teething, but it's been going on for so long that I don't see how it could be teething. He will wake up and go back to sleep without nursing half the time, and the other half he wants to nurse to go back to sleep. My husband thinks this is a problem, and keeps telling me that I need to get LO to not nurse to sleep. I thought nursing to sleep was still common and healthy at this age, but my husband just gets frustrated with me and won't listen. Help?
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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    If nursing back to sleep is working for both you and your LO, then I say keep doing it. If you *want* to night wean you can, but you're not doing anything wrong if you keep nursing to sleep/back to sleep. As long as it's working for you

    If I put my son to sleep at night, I still nurse him to down - and he's 28 months old. When his dad puts him to bed he just lays with him and ds will drift to sleep. He no longer wakes up at night unless there is something wrong, and if he does, I nurse him back to sleep if patting his back doesn't work. My son nursed at night for a long time. It's only been the last few months that he has slept through, but I allowed him to go at his own pace. They will eventually learn to sleep through on their own, but if you want to hurry it along, you can. There really is no "right" or "wrong", you just do what works for you and your baby.

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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    sometimes it helps to nurse until your son is really sleepy but not totally asleep. Then he gets used to actually falling asleep on his own. My son still nurses at almost 3 YO but my DH does the bedtime routine so he is used to going down either way which is nice. I still consider 15 months on the young side if you are ok with the nursing to sleep...it's up to you mama!
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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    It is very normal to nurse a 15 month old to sleep. I nursed my LO's to sleep and to put them back to sleep when they awoke at night. My children are now all grown up and nursing them to sleep only did them good.

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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    My son is also 15 months and we nurse to sleep/back to sleep all night long. Sometimes he wakes 2-3 times, sometimes he wakes 6-8 times. It just varies every night. For me, it's easier to just "go with the flow" than try to figure something out or do things differently. My husband also feels the same way yours does, so I completely understand how you feel... kind of torn. Do what works for you, your baby, and your family.

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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    My 14 month old does the same thing, so I don't have much advice to offer only I do know that separation anxiety is at it's peek until around 18 months It could also be a combination of things: growing, fear of so much independence (ever since they start walking and realize how much there is to explore), mentally overwhelmed, teething (molars maybe), etc.
    Do what *you* think and feel is right. Whatever works for you and LO
    Hang in there, mama! Find some comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone!
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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.


    i'm in a very similar situation - i have a little girl who's almost 15 months. we just try and guage what she needs each night when she wakens, and sometimes that's to breastfeed and be close to me and sometimes not. i've given up talking about this with friends / people in mum & tots groups etc as they all say she doesn't need the milk and i'm spoiling her etc. but they totally don't get the emotional need and bond. i'm aiming to let her set the pace on weaning but will coax if it becomes too much and i'm consistently not getting enough sleep to function through the day. would love the freedom of an evening off though and might see how she goes some time soon if we go out.

    hang in there - it's helped for me to know why i'm doing what i'm doing.

    take care

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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    It could be his molars, moving under the surface of the gums. And yes, teething pain can go on for quite some time , even a month or more. I myself can't wait for us to be completely over this stupid teething thing!!

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    Default Re: Okay, I need some help.

    we also nurse to sleep and DD is 16 months old. No one every would question a baby using a pacifier to sleep at this age, but they think nursing is a problem...UGH!!!

    Just wanted to say we also nurse to nap and sleep, and see no end in the forseeable future! I am fine with it, DH has asked about weaning a few times, and I just tell him we are both not ready yet! It will happen, in time, but not now!
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