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Thread: advice needed PLEASE re 9 months old diet and pregnancy

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    Default advice needed PLEASE re 9 months old diet and pregnancy

    My son turns 10 months old on August 10th. He eats about 10 % solids. I just found out of I am almost 5 weeks pregnant. ( shock of my life...) Anyways... what can I do if my supply tanks?? He only has 1 tooth and is already super small. At 9 months he was 16 lbs 12 oz and about 26 inches. I think thats 2nd and 5%. He is developmentally fine and very mobile and active. He has been crawling since before 6 months, pulling up since 7 months, he climbs stairs and anything really..... I think he will be walking soon. He is just really small.
    I got pregnant with him when my dd was 18 months old and was only nursing 2-3 times a day. I weaned her by the time I was 10 weeks as there wasn't much left. My son still nurses 6-8 times a day. Can he drink raw milk before 12 months? Would I have to do some formula before 12 months if my supply tanks?? I am very anti- formula and would cry if I had to give it to him I think.
    So far his diaper output is fine but I just found out today. Anyone been there done that??? Please help?
    I already slather most foods he eats with butter/ olive oil or flax oil. I am going to order some coconut oil as I heard thats a great healthy fat.
    We do baby led weaning and he likes carbs ( ww pasta, brown rice,ww bread) chicken, steamed veggies,
    He isn't a big fan of plain yogurt but I guess I can try that yo baby stuff ( I was avoiding it because I think the containers have BPA in them)
    ANy ideas IF my supply tanks and for added fats? I doubt he would drink formula anyways.

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    Default Re: advice needed PLEASE re 9 months old diet and pregnancy

    WOW mama! I just wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy... I know our youngest babies were born around the same time and I can't imagine being pregnant already!

    I would say just keep an eye on his diaper output, and pay attention when he's at the breast to see if he's still gulping... if he seems to be getting frustrated at the breast or he has less pee/poops then you will probably want to try and incorporate some sort of supplement. *I* would probalby start now trying to get him to eat/drink some other things like you suggested, the yogurt smoothies and such. And he might drink formula? You never know...
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    Default Re: advice needed PLEASE re 9 months old diet and pregnancy

    congratulations on your pregnancy. your ten month old eats a variety of nutritious foods and many mothers find that their milk supply doesn't tank until a month before the newborn emerges. la leche league has great information on what to feed a growing baby and you don't necessarily have to feed him cows milk based foods if you have an aversion to them. Your breastmilk still has all the fats he needs. If you do find that your milk supply dwindles and if your son is having a hard time eating solids, which he doesn't seem to have, there is always human milk banks. Your pediatrician needs to be on board and give you a subscription. but from what you've described above I don't think that will be necessary. we are lucky to live in a place and time where healthful nutritious foods for babies are available in every grocery store.

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