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Thread: My supply has dropped

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    Question My supply has dropped

    The past few days I have not been able to keep up with DS's demand while pumping at work. He is 6mos and could very well be going through a growth spurt BUT I'm not even pumping as much as I once was. I used to pump ~12oz while at work and 6oz in the morning b/f I went to work. Now I can only get ~3-4oz in the morning and ~8oz while at work. I nurse every 2hrs when I'm with DS, even through the night. I work 4, 8hr days and EBF at all other times.

    What could be happening? Since I went back to work 2 months ago I have been able to pump more than he needs.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: My supply has dropped

    This has happened to me. Fortunately, it was while I was in school, not working, so I would do things that are not options for you, like skipping class, leaving early, or making a quick trip to daycare during the day to BF DD. I also added in another pumping session at night and tried to get enough rest and fluids. I had never heard of fenugreek so I never tried that. I also never tried oatmeal which is supposed to help.
    These links might help:

    I'm not pumping enough milk.

    How can I increase milk supply?

    HTH! I know how frustrating your situation can be...


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    Default Re: My supply has dropped

    Hi Jennifer,
    Our children are exactly the same age and I have been having the same problem, although I'm not pumping all day (I work from home). I think it's a growth spurt, and for me this one seems to be taking longer to get through. My cycle also returned a few weeks ago because my daughter is sleeping through the night - which is also something I've considered to be a part of the problem. Is it possible that is part of your problem? So I guess I didn't really offer any advice - just sympathy.

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    Default Re: My supply has dropped

    Did you just start your period. I noticed a dip in supply assoc. with that. But I have been having supply problems recently too. I posted in the pumping section, here: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?t=8370. After pumping every 1-2 hours and pumping in the am before leaving dd, I finally got my supply to keep up with her...actually it was an increase in the amount she was eating at the sitters, and not so much a decrease in supply (although I have experienced dips in supply too). Pump, pump, pump! I hate it...am totally sick of the pump, but I think it finally worked. Also, make sure you are drinking tons of water! Drink even when you aren't thirsty! I drink the Mothers Milk Tea too, but never really noticed a difference with that, but you might try it.

    I hope it gets better for you...it is so maddening when this happens, and truly, the more you worry, the worse it is! Easy advice to give, but much harder to implement!

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    Default Re: My supply has dropped

    No, I haven't started my period yet so that's not it......

    I think I have to stay better hydrated. I've been so busy lately at work that I haven't been drinking as much water as I do when I'm at my desk most of the day. I hope that's the problem b/c it's an easy fix....

    Thanks for the responses!

    Amazed and Proud mom of Luke (Lucas) - 4/5/2006; 9 lbs 12 oz , 22in
    Wife to best friend Carl - 11/4/2001

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