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    Unhappy Still trying to pump...

    Okay so long story...my daughter just turned four months. She is formula/breastmilk fed by bottle. Will refuse to nurse, I've done everything and went by KellyMom.com's rules on that issue. Well, since she doesn't nurse I decided to exclusively pump so that she can still get my breastmilk. I started pumping exclusively when she was 2 wks old...after that...the pumping got old. I did enough to get 31 bags frozen and since then have just given her a bag of breastmilk here and there to dwindle them down. Well, when she turned 2.5 months I started pumping again...got a few drops after about 5 minutes so I gave up, the next time I used my pump it tore up...so...I've not pumped since. Well, the last two weeks I've been pondering over it again and have just found out that my insurance would pay in full for a Medela Pump In Style Advance double electric breastpump so...I went to my local health care store and brought it home yesterday! I know, it's a long shot but it didn't cost me anything and I also started Fenugreek and Reglan too. So...here's my deal...I'm just wondering if I can get my supply back up? When I hand express, I get sprays and drops of breastmilk. When I pump though, after a few minutes, I get drops and then I give up thinking I have nothing, what am I doing wasting my time? So...here's the deal...I've just thought that no matter what I get, just pump every two hours for 10-15 minutes reguardless and maybe over time it'll help stimulate my breasts into making milk again? So...since last night I've had 2 doses of Reglan and a total of 8 fenugreek capsules. I've pumped this morning at 9:45 and got a few drops after a couple of minutes and gave up so I thought I'd try again at 11:45...can anyone give me any words of wisdom, hope, encouragement? Pointers? I really want to feed my baby breastmilk and then once my supply is up, cut out formula all together! Please help!!!!
    Thank you in advance!!!

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    If you're getting drops of breastmilk, you can probably increase your supply again! It might never get back to 100% EBF, but every bit is great! Have you tried putting your baby back on the breast and see if she might latch?

    Other mamas are going to drop by with more personal experience, but one thing I know - if you want to increase your supply, you have to pump "dry" very frequently. You have to keep at it, even if you're not getting anything. If you pump 10 times a day for a week or two, your supply will hopefully start to increase. Persistence is everything when it comes to relactation. And patience. You just can't give up too easily. The fact that you are getting drops of milk every time you pump is a GREAT sign. It's going to take a while to get it up, but if you stick with it, your supply will increase.

    So put the baby to the breast if you can, and THEN pump, after every feeding. We're pulling for you, mama! You can do this!!

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    Don't stop pumping after a couple of minutes! You're giving up too quickly I pump about six times a day and nurse six or seven - and to get your supply up again, you're really going to want to do that - just pump around the clock until you are comfortable with the amount you're producing.

    Is there any way you might re introduce nursing?? That's certainly WAY better for milk production, but I have no wisdom as far as how to get baby to start nursing again after four months. I would imagine that it would be hard but not impossible.

    At the beginning you really shouldn't stop pumping, even if you're getting nothing/next to nothing for fifteen minutes. Even if you're not getting milk, the pump is still telling your body to make milk. Keep it up.
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    Hi, i just wanted to sayi relactated after 5mo and only had drops and ended up making 30oz a day. I bumped my story called Update for you to see.

    I really think the key to doing it was determination, i took dom ensted of reglan but after you pump, hand express! i think thats what helped me. If you have any questions i will be more than happy to help!
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    I was told at my last LLL meeting that from a few drops if you pump every 2 hours until dry that in one day you could produce up to 1 oz more each day!! Good luck
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    How cool that your insurance paid for such a good pump! That's awesome!

    I think your plan to pump every 2 hours for 10-15 minutes is an excellent one. That, plus Reglan, fenugreek, and blessed thistle brought my supply up to full strength (it was low because my baby wasn't nursing well). Definitely don't give up after just a couple of minutes. Do the full 10-15 even if nothing is coming out, because the stimulation will tell your body to make more milk.

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