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Thread: small red bumps in the diaper area

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    Default small red bumps in the diaper area


    I have a 13 month old daughter. She recently developed (for the past 3 days) some red bumps in the buttocks area and also I see some blisters near her lower lips. Have anyone of you seen such symptoms? It does not look like a normal diaper rash / yeast infection as they used to be concentrated in the front not in the buttocks. I have never seen like this before. So I am really concerned.

    Please advice!


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    Default Re: small red bumps in the diaper area

    Sounds kinda like Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease, which my son recently had. My son had bumps in his diaper area, on the palms of his hands, lower legs too. Has your child also had a fever recently?
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    Default Re: small red bumps in the diaper area

    agree with the previous reply. every summer my kids used to come down w/ foot and mouth disease.

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