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    I have a 4 months girl and since 2 weeks ago, she sleeps only 4 hours during night, weaks up, eats, and sleeps 2 more hours, weaks up, eats and sleeps 2 more hours. Before this she used to sleep 6 hours but no sleep during the day, now she takes two naps of 1 hour during the day.
    If someone can help me to do something about this, I work and this is exhausting, I can´t anymore!!!!

    Please help me!!!!!!!

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    I hate to say this, but that sounds pretty normal for a 4 month old. Sorry mama!! You might just have to tough it out til she's old enough to sleep longer. She might be growing, which is why she needs those feedings at night now - whereas she didn't before. She's only little once, and it won't last forever.
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    Sounds normal to me. Babies are always changing their sleep patterns for lots of reasons-teething, illness, growth spurts, developmental milestones, etc.

    Do you co-sleep? That was a lifesaver for me because I didn't have to get up and nurse.

    Hang in there mama! Like pp said, your LO is only little once and it won't last forever.
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    Thank you both for your support, I re-thought about the situation and you are right these moments are also to enjoy, they never come back and she is going to grow big not far from now. In the mean time, I will try to get some sleep with her naps.


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    yes, sleep when she naps if you're not at work!!! i only coslept at night for four months, but ADORE napping with my munchkin. These are some of the best times to really conk out.

    I have a twin sister who has a baby who's three days younger than mine. She started STTN at a very young age, and at first i was insanely jealous. I was lucky to go 1.5-2hrs between nursing... and neither LO nor i were good at sleeping/dozing while nursing.

    Then I did exactly what you just said - realized that this time goes by WAY too fast, and soon I will long for those cuddly nights with my nugget. It really really helps. Now I jump up and grab him and nurse still twice a night at seven months... and I'm tired... but I LOVE it
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