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Thread: Completely Touched Out

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    aren't you glad there is a place like la leche league where a mom can come and admit that she is touched out and where there are other moms who can relate and perhaps help her feel less isolated!
    of course your feeling touched out. you are apart from her while your're at school. you are working hard at your studies to improve your families future and what you need when you come home is an adult to appreciate your hard work. an adult to take you in his arms and love you for your selflessness. A whiny needy toddler just doesn't cut it.
    but your daughter doesn't know that. she just knows that she missed you all day. And the one way she is able to get your undivided attention is to nurse.
    You can nurse her to calm her fears, to reconnect and to boost her nutrition .it is the one size fits all answer to easy mothering.
    some day all she will want from you is a cell phone and the car keys.

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    Sorry it took me awhile to respond, its been busy as heck around here with exams around the corner.

    Thanks again for the support.

    I think I just have to accept and work with the fact that DD is very strong willed. I swear if I told her the grass was green she would probably yell at me and tell me it was blue. I understand she's at the point where she's testing the boundaries but there is NO reasoning with her about anything.
    I know the best way to distract her is to leave the house but I don't even want to take her anywhere lately. I took her to the mall the other night to get a few things and it was horrid. She laid down on the ground screaming more times then I could count because I wouldn't let her go into a store and then when I tried to pick her up to leave she just kept going limp. I feel like it's a reflection on me, and that people are judging me (especially because i'm young and they make assumptions about my parenting).

    As far as diapers....well this kid better potty train SOON I've tried doing some stand up changes and they've gone a bit better. I won't even talk about putting her clothes on or taking them off, or bathing, or brushing her hair or teeth........If anyone heard the way she screams when I try you'd think I was hurting her. This too shall pass right?

    She is still nursing all the time. I'm trying to be really patient. I have lost my cool the past couple of days a few times but I've been focusing on recognizing her positive behaviour and explaining (whether she understands or not), how her behaviour makes me feel, whether its negative or positive.

    Thanks for letting me vent
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