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Thread: low milk supply in the evening and bottle feeding

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    Default low milk supply in the evening and bottle feeding

    i have an 11 week old son and have found that feeding him a 4-oz. bottle in the evening helps us get through his fussy period. he gets extremely fussy from 5 to 7 or 8, and we found that the bottle has made him more comfortable. i know that a lower milk supply at the end of the day is common, so i'm not overly worried. he usually eats fairly well at some point between 4-5, and if we give him the bottle about 2 1/2 hours later, he's usually good until 9 or so. after that, he usually sleeps from 4-5 hours. i haven't been pumping during the bottle feeding, because it makes his 9/9:30 feeding before bedtime a little easier for him since he's not so frustrated. i then usually pump at some point in the middle of the night and/or after his first morning feeding. is it a bad idea not to pump before the 5:00 feeding and the 9:00 feeding? i should also probably mention that i pump for surplus - i usually one give him 1 bottle a day. in the past few days he has had 2 sessions of cluster feedings - one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. i just want to make sure that i'm not causing this by not pumping during this time, because i really don't want him to get used to eating for just a few minutes every hour. i also realize that this could be a growth spurt, but this time it just seems worse than the other growth spurts that happened around the 3rd and 6th weeks. he's been gain weight well, but he just seems so unsatisfied. does anyone have some advice for me?
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    Default Re: low milk supply in the evening and bottle feeding

    Hello and welcome. I too have similar feeders. My twins have a fussy time between 6 and 9pm. I usually nurse them together about every hour to hour and half. I don't give bottles though. If it were me I would pump when your baby is getting a bottle to keep your milk supply going. I usually wake up in the am very full because the boys sleep from 4 to sometimes 7 hrs. at night. I try and pump before they even wake for am feeding. Since I am a SAHM I don't need to worry about pumping enough bottles so I only try and get about 4 or 5 oz. in the am. Hope my ideas help.

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