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Thread: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

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    Default Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    My ds is 25 months old now. Out of my three kids he is the only one I have bf for longer than 3 months and exclusively.

    He nurses in the morning, nap time, at least once (maybe twice) before bed then bed time. During the night He will nurse 3-4 times.

    He hasn't slowed down in that last few months. I despair of him ever weaning. Is this normal for his age?

    He does eat other foods, when the mood suits him (especially if it is pizza) but it just seems like so much.

    There there is my love/hate relationship with nursing. Sometimes it doesn't bother me. Other times I just don't want to.

    So I am clueless on what to do if I need to do anything. If I try to deny it, it just makes him mad and he pitches a fit. Sometimes I can distract him but not every time.

    I know weaning can take time, and I also know that it could be another year : It's going to drive me nuts I know it.


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    Default Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    I don't have direct experience of this but I have friends whose 24+ mos nurse that often.
    I guess they nurse until they need it.
    hope some more experienced moms will chime in.
    I can just send you my and and tell you you did a great job so long!
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    if I'm here I'm
    love this forum!!!

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    Default Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    Your One year old will probably nurse MORE until his 1st year molars break through. And at a year, it's ok to begin to set some limits, begin Don't offer don't refuse and DISTRACT. Though I have to say all the sessions you mentioned seem very normal for a one year old.

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    Default Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    here's a suggestion to get you through the nursing toddler phase. your son is a caveman. He had no idea that he is not living in the year one, when survival depended on a mothers' ample milk supply. He can't trap or cook his own food yet. he can't tell the poison berries from the edible ones. if he eats the wrong food it could make him sick. people succumb to diarrhea, breastmilk protects a little one from all these perils. when he's older and stronger and ready to eat and digest all the foods in his environment he will nurse less and less.

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    Default Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    CI is almost 2 1/2 & he's still nursing. I'm actually really happy he is. I just noticed the other day that his 2 year molars are starting to break thru. There are days when he won't eat anything but cheese toast and cantaloupe... at least I know that he's getting more nutrients from nursing . There are times when I don't want to or my nips hurt or whatever, but then I think about why I am still nursing him - for comfort and for nutrients. My oldest, ML, nursed until she was 26 months & stopped due to my supply dropping during pregnancy. I don't think she would've continued on much longer anyway, she wasn't super attached to nursing by the time she weaned. It will get easier and he will wean eventually, just know that you are doing the best for him at this point in his life.
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    Default Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    First off, congrats on nursing for 2 years! It seems like your son loves his momma and loves his nursing relationship! If you can stick it out, think of the positive aspects of nursing him at this age...and remember this too will pass! Before you know it he will be weaned and this phase of life will seem like such a short one in comparison to it all!

    If you decide to wean, it sounds like he will protest, and you will have a tantruming toddler to deal with, which is no fun either.
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    Default Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    My twins nursed about five or six times a day at age two. Now they are 3.5 years old and nurse once a day (my choice).

    I think it's important for moms of toddlers/preschoolers to adjust the nursing relationship within reason so that it continues to be agreeable for her.

    At one point, probably half-way through their third year, I realized that I was resentful of nursing them before going to bed at night – it was no longer something I enjoyed. So one night I explained to them that we would read books and sing songs and snuggle, but that we would not nurse at night; we would nurse again in the morning. Surprisingly, it worked out okay that night and was met with only minimal resistance the next few nights. As a result, our nursing has been able to continue without hard feelings on my part.

    The other suggestion is to think of all the benefits of nursing when you start to feel annoyed -- nutrition for a picky eater, antibodies to prevent or help recover from illness, easy way to calm after a fall or owie, etc.

    It's hard to nurse a two-year-old. You won't look back at this time and regret a moment

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