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Thread: Baby has a virus???

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    Default Baby has a virus???

    This is going into our 3rd week of stomach cramps, frequent jelly like poop, sometimes smelly poop, and general fussiness. I thought to start with that maybe it was something I was eating, but I started watching what I was eating closely and he's still not back to normal. Thur. afternoon he had a small amount of blood in his stool so I took him to the Dr. Fri. morning. He did a culture of his stool to rule out samonella or ecoli and it came back neg. BUT, he still is having stomach cramps and smelly poop. I asked the Dr. if I should be watching what I eat (like milk products, nuts, etc.) and he said no. DS is 3 months old and exclusively breastfed. What do you all think????

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    I am not sure i would try to stay away from dairy to see if that helps him at all. I hope that he gets better soon.

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    No advice here Sorry. I do hope it gets better for both of you soon.

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    When my DD was 11 months old, she started having blood in her poop and frequent poops (3-4 a day). I thought she was allergic to something but my doctor told me that it was a virus that will pass away on it own and it did. It took close to a month though the blood went away in a week or so. So it is possible that your DS also has a virus even though his symptons are different.

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