That is just it she just told me to start giving her the vitamin drops never checked her iron level or anything. Just told me to give her 1 ml a day of the vitamin drops i havent done it yet i figure i am gonna wait till they actually check her levels then if she needs it i will do it. Why am i gonna give it to her now at 4 months when they didn't check her or nothing i am confused on this subject right here do i wait to give it to her or do i give it to her i need help this is my second child first on breastfeeding so i am not sure. I am still learning and i love feeding her i love the bond and just knowing that i am doing something for her that only i can do. But i don't want to get discouraged because i am not giving her something that can make her sick. I wasnt to exclusively bf her no solids or formula till she is 6 months then from 6 months rethink it and maybe go for the full year just bfing her since they all say that they need the bm the most. How can you tell if your baby don't have enough iron and all is there anything that i can eat that will help increase her iron please let me know any input is worth hearing.