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Thread: STTN and Oversupply

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this question or not, but I struggled so much with my first (we weaned at 3 months) with under supply, but with baby 2 (DS) I seem to be the complete opposite. I would have killed for this problem with DD.

    Well a happy occurrence happened in our house this morning. DS went to bed at 11:30pm and woke at 6:30am (he is 7 weeks old). Also painful. I woke with 2 bowling balls attached to my chest. I pumped and fed at the same time when I woke like usual. I have been doing this for a stash for going back to work/emergencies/maybe someday DH and I will go on a date or something... Then when he was done nursing on the one side I pumped the rest out. I pumped 12oz!!!

    If this sleep pattern becomes a pattern, what should I do? Try not to pump in the morning? Should I wake up in the night to pump so that I am not engorged in the morning? I think that will make the problem worse. Or will my body just figure this out? I kind of liked pumping an entire work days worth of milk in one setting, but I think this is probably not a good thing entirely.

    It was such a struggle with DD that an oversupply is almost a relief, but I'd really just like to make enough. (I probably would have wanted to punch someone like me for saying something like this with my first)

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    Isn't it funny that not enough milk is an issue but so is too much milk? Personnally I think that you need to stop pumping or at least slow way down. Every time you pump you are sending the signal to your body to make more milk. If your LO keeps STTN I would only pump a couple of ounces before feeding him first thing in the morning only if you are really uncomfortable. I am betting however that the STTN thing isn't going to be long lived unfortunately.
    This link has some more info on too much milk.

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    If you are trying to build a stash, I would think about keeping up with the pumping, but perhaps don't pump for as long. That way, you aren't completely emptying out your breasts. If your LO does continue to STTN, like my little guy did, your supply will regulate.
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