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Thread: milk (fresh and frozen) smells metallic

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    Default milk (fresh and frozen) smells metallic


    I have been curious as to why when my DS is nursing I smell what seems to be something metallic. So I did my research and discovered the whole excess lipase thing... However, in all my research, every case was one of frozen milk - where when thawed it tasted soapy and/or metallicy.

    Well, I tried some thawed milk and to my surprise it totally tasted soapy - but didnt smell all that much like metal. My question is whether anyone's fresh milk smells like metal - like immediately as it is being expressed by your LO (which is the reason why I didn't post this thread under the 'milk storage' forum).

    Also, I have read that other than the funny smell and/or taste that it is safe to give to our babies. Is that an accurate statement? My DS doesn't seemed bothered by the bottle - whether it be fresh or thawed stored breastmilk. And of course, he certainly isn't bothered by direct from the source. Because it smells like that right from me, I obviously can't scald it ahead of time, otherwise every meal would be via bottle.

    I'm not all that worried just more curious.

    Thanks Ladies!

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    Default Re: milk (fresh and frozen) smells metallic

    Wow! I've been noticing the same thing lately! Especially sometimes on my Boppy when aaron is finished and there's a little bit of milk dribbled on there. It smells "metal-ey"... is this the lipase thing? Because I store milk frozen for him and it doesn't seem to bother him much flavor-wise... I'll be interested to read what others have to say about this.

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    Default Re: milk (fresh and frozen) smells metallic

    I can't say whether the metallic smell has anything to do with excess lipase, but it is my understanding, as you've indicated, that it is not an issue as long as it is not bothering your baby. If it is not bothering him, it is actually better not to scald it because that can negatively affect the anti-infective properties in the milk.
    I've never had this issue, so I don't have any BTDT advice, but I hope that helps!


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