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Thread: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

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    Default still waking up several times at night..Please help!


    My 13 month old daughter still wakes up 3 or 4 times at night (almost every 2 hrs).

    The following is how much milk she gets during the day:-
    I try to give her like 4 - 5 oz of cow's milk mixed with oats cereal and soon after I come from work, I breastfeed her.

    The following is how much solids she takes:-
    During the day, She takes 1 gerber food jar (stage 2 food), oat cereal (1 full bowl) , rice and dhal (2 times a day), yogurt and sometimes tofu in addition to this. Is she underfed?

    I am definitely happy about Breastfeeding. But the fact that I have not gotten good sleep for the past 13 months makes me feel exhausted. I have lost a lot of weight too...

    Anyway I am looking for some constructive ideas / suggestions about how to make my baby sleep through the night

    I am sure there are a few who feels the same way as I am..

    Your response would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    My 13 mth old nurses many many times a night. He eats what we eat with the exception of dairy. I don't like to introduce dairy until around 24 months because of the family history of milk allergy. I didn't do jarred baby food or purees. He has a well balanced diet with a few snacks in between meals but nurses 10-15 times in a 24 hour period. May seem like a lot but his "nursing sessions" are short.

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    Default Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    I doubt she's starving if you're giving her as many solids as she wants (if she says when meal is over) My dd nurses 4-6 times most nights, very minimum has been 3 times and she just turned 1 year old this week. Have you considered just giving her slightly mashed (with fork) table food instead of all the baby food? Not trying to tell you what to do but I don't understand spending all that money for "baby food."
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    Default Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    I have 15 month old twins that still wake 2+ times a night. They eat plenty during the day - three meals that consist of all four food groups (minus dairy) are offered and two snacks of two food groups (ie cheerios and fruit, etc.). I struggled with this when they were about 10 months old and I was in school and totally exhausted. Most of the suggestions that I got was some form of cry it out. I couldn't do this and decided to start partially co-sleeping. Before one year I was REALLY afraid of SIDS because I had an infant that died of SIDS almost 10 years ago, though he was in a crib. Although SIDS is still a risk until age 2, the risk goes down substantially. I read all of the "safety rules" of co-sleeping (you can find online).

    Since I eventually would like to have them sleep in their own beds, this is what we do: They take naps in their cribs. At bedtime I nurse them to sleep and place them in their cribs. This gives me time to relax or get things done. Once they wake up for the first time, I bring them into my bed and they stay there until morning.

    Not sure if you are open to it, I know I never planned on co-sleeping, but honestly it really works for us. I get more sleep and they seem to sleep better in my bed.

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    Default Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    co-sleeping helps...
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    Default Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    My son eats WAY more than your little one as far as solids each day and nurses quite often during the night these days. He's 18mo and weighs 26lbs. So it may have nothing to do with solids. But, you may want to consider doing more table foods where you put a varied diet in front of her and let her self-feed so she can consume as much as she wants. And depending on how you feel about co-sleeping, it could help you get better sleep while she nurses.
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    Default Re: still waking up several times at night..Please help!

    My 15 month old still wakes 3-8 times per night to nurse... and quickly fall back asleep. He is right next to me in bed and that is a lifesaver for us.

    Hang in there!

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