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Thread: best cup for bf baby

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    Hello! My baby is exclusively breast fed and is almost at six months old. I would like to start giving him some breastmilk in a cup so he can start to learn to use a cup, but I'm not sure the best way to start this. So my questions are:
    At what age did you start giving a cup?
    What type of cup worked best? Is there a particular brand?
    Did you use a sippy cup or a regular glass?
    Thank you!

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    I think we started trying pretty early, trying to get LO off the bottle with my milk but didn't really catch on (this was on my LC's advice that it would be less comforting than the bottle and we were trying to get her to nurse more and me to pump less, not your situation, I understand).. She has a soft spouted sippy cup I believe from playtex but I am not sure. She drinks from a regular glass if I hold it. If she has it she spills everywhere! If you're willing to hold the cup, though, I don't know why you couldn't use a regular one.
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    we've been "playing" with a sippy for several weeks now...only with water in it though. Just recently Caroline has figured out how to actually tip it up and get some liquid out. However, it's still just water because i'm not going to defrost milk for her to waste! She drank like an oz. all by herself tonight though....i was surprised!

    We use the NUK brand (the one for the youngest babies...the label on the packaging tells you what 'stage' the cup is for)...it has a very soft spout and handles. We'll probably move to the next stage of this brand (we use their pacifiers too) in a few weeks . I'm not really caring whether or not she can use a cup right now, but I do want her to be able to get liquid from a cup when she's around a year or so, rather than a bottle (only when she's not with me nursing, of course).

    with my other two, several years ago, there were not so many options of cups on the market and I just started them with the playtex kind with the hard spout and the rubber valve. Then I moved to the playtex kind with the straw.
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    I don't have a good answer for as far as what TO use, but I tried a soft spout one that they have to compress to get milk out on my 9 month old son and we had biting issues that whole week. I threw that stupid cup away!!! Just a thought! Everyone else may not have that issue.. but I did... lol.. I decided I was okay with him not using a sippy..

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