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Thread: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

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    Default 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Please, help me with some piece of advice on how to make my baby sleep longer hours through the night.
    My baby is EBF and he eats every 2-3 hr day and night. I wake up at least 3 - 4 times at night to feed him. When he wakes up I think its hunger and I feed him. Sometimes I feel he wants the pacifier (which he got used with during the day too and when he naps, he suddenly wakes up, looks for it and once I give it to him he goes back to sleep). If i give him the pacifier during the night, he looses it and he gets fussy because he wants it. And so on.
    Do you think it's normal for his age?
    After I give him rice cereal, do you think he is going to sleep better during night?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Yes, I think it's normal. And no, rice cereal isn't going to help him sleep better. Check out the Sleep or Lack of It forum by scrolling down a bit more.

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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Sorry, starting rice cereal will not nessasarly make baby sleep more. Its a myth. I hate to tell you this but....my 8.5 month old still doesn't sleep through the night and he is eating solids. Lots of solids. As pp, there is a lack of sleep section further down. There is so great advice there!
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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Rice cereal will not make your baby sleep through the night...sometimes solids even has the opposite effect! My DS used to wake up all.night.long and he is now getting better...only once or twice...at 15 months. There are lots of mom's with you!

    ETA: Here's a link from Kellymom about solids and sleeping http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...ids-sleep.html

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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    I think it's all temperament, sadly. Not much you can do about it. My fourteen month old sleeps better than he used to, waking up every four hours now instead of every one to two hours, but it's still not STTN ... It's hard, but you learn to cope. I sleep with my baby, and he can practically open my nursing bra and latch himself on these days ...

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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Hmmmm, have to agree with everyone else....my older two didn't STTN till they were maybe 2? Or 3? My 6 month old does not STTN either, and of course I'm totally not expecting her to, though she does sleep better and wake up less than my older two did.

    It's a myth that solids will help babies sleep better. Perhaps a handful coincidentally start STTN when they start solids. Most don't, I'm afraid!
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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Rice wont help. My son (7 months) still wakes up about 2 times to eat. I had to do some attitude adjustment to survive. I have come to accept that I will not get a full nights sleep again for a long time. We are not the CIO type so we moved his crib into our room. When he goes to bed (after I nurse him down) he sleeps in there for about 3 hours, then I bring him into our bed, sleep on my side with a boob out and he finds it whenever he wants it. We all sleep better that way so we decided to stick with it. It's a nice balance too b/c me and the hubs have the bed to ourselves the first half of the night. I never thought we'd be 'the family bed type' but now we both love it. It is so beautiful to wake up and see your perfect little baby snuggling peacefully next to you
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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    My DS has always woken up at least every 3 hours at night to eat, more if it's a bad teething night. Introducing solids has not made one bit of difference. He's almost 8 months old now and still wakes up 3 or 4 times a night but because we co-sleep, he just nurses and goes right back to sleep. It's the only thing that saves my sanity.
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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Sorry mama solids don't help a baby sleep. I have a 19 month old that wakes up more than your 4 month old (probably 6-8 times a night). Hang in there it gets easier
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    Default Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    with pps. Solids have NOT made one bit of difference in my DS's sleep. He's now 23 months, but only occasionally STTN (with 1-2 wakings). We still have some bad nights, but it's much better than before and I know it won't last forever.

    Hang in there mama!
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