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Thread: whole fat yogurt vs low fat yogurt

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    You said you add stuff to the plain, have you ever tried JUST the plain? The greek yogurt is a little twangy in my opinion, but we do great with the Stonyfield brand of full fat plain yogurt. She eats it up with no additional flavors, also another brand but I cannot recall name right now, maybe mountain high, some hippie organic stuff...

    I would avoid the low fat for now because the low fat fills them up without giving them enough calories... AAP recommends waiting until at least 2 to introduce lower fat dairy products if you desire to.
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    Default Re: whole fat yogurt vs low fat yogurt

    sometimes you have to keep offering things over and over (a dozen times or more) before a LO will decide to like it.

    have you tried kefir? it's like yogurt, but with more probiotics in it. look in the natural foods section of your dairy department, and it shouldn't be too much more expensive than the whole milk yogurt.

    and don't worry...lately my son practically lives on melon. watermelon, canteloupe, and honeydew make up the majority of his solid food calories. i figure i'm doing great to have a one-year-old eating fruit instead of chicken nuggets and fries! the little fruit freak eats a half-pound of melon a day sometimes!
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