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Thread: BFing causes gas? Baby's tummy is very noisy...

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    Default BFing causes gas? Baby's tummy is very noisy...

    I went to the ped who saw me feed the baby and said that my baby takes in a lot of gas and likes to hold it in. After increasing time at the breast, I noticed my baby is gassier than with bottles. His poop also changed from 3-5 times a day to once a day.

    I spend a greater part of the day holding him upright. He spits up if put down, even in a chair or inclined pillow or surface. I don't get a chance to eat (well, sometimes if I remember to, I can get a bite in one-handed.

    Any suggestions to get rid of gas or prevent the intake while BFing?

    I tried bicyling the legs, bouncing, burping, tummy hold, gas drops, etc. Any variations on the techniques will help. Thank you!

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    Default Re: BFing causes gas? Baby's tummy is very noisy...

    the reason for going poop less is because with breast milk there is less waste then with formula so that is normal for them to only go once a day or like my daughter she will go 3 days with out going then for the next couple days she will go twice a day. As for gas try to rub your babys back instead of patting his back. that has worked with my daughter. As for spitting up the dr said it was normal for my daughter could be that your baby is eatin to much or to fast. my daughter you can hear her stomiach sometimes as well i know when she was real little about 1 or 2 months it was everytime that she ate it would do that.

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    Default Re: BFing causes gas? Baby's tummy is very noisy...

    hi there, and welcome to the forum!

    the following link has some useful information about baby being gassy.

    could it be possible that you have a forceful let-down or an oversupply of milk? the website above states the following:
    Too much milk too fast, so that baby gulps and chokes and takes in too much air along with the milk.

    as the pp stated, breastfed babies can go several days in between poops. when my dd was 2 weeks old she pooped once a week...twice if we're lucky. she's almost 5 months old and she still poops once a week. as long as your baby is not constipated or her poop doesn't have blood streaks in it, he should be fine.

    also, when my dd nurses, i, too, can sometimes hear her tummy rumbling. i don't think you have anything to be worried about that.

    as for the various techniques to help ease the gas pains...you've pretty much listed out what i would have suggested!

    hang in there...and good luck!
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    Default Re: BFing causes gas? Baby's tummy is very noisy...

    I also need to keep my LO upright to help reduce spitting up. I find that "wearing" him in a baby bjorn, wrap, or sling (I mix it up for him) keeps him upright and then I have hands free to eat, clean, type on the computer - LOL!
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