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Thread: need help weaning from supplemental pumping

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    Default need help weaning from supplemental pumping

    Hello, my 2 week old twins had to be supplemented for a while, so I was pumping after every feed. I now have over supply, and need to stop pumping. I'm down to pumping only 3-6 minutes, but I still get a few ounces. Their ped recommended that I stop as much as possible, and only pump if I absolutely need to. The other thing is that I don't need to wake them every 3 hours anymore, and last night they did a 5 hour stretch. I had to get up after 3 though and pump.

    Any advice?
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    Default Re: need help weaning from supplemental pumping

    Sounds like you are on the right track. I think the next step if you are only pumping for 3 to 6 minutes would be to back it down even further- like two minutes. Then just stop. Those middle of the night pumpings when they sleep for longer than usually you will kind of have to judge. I would guess they are very infrequent so it may not be a problem to skip them.

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